What's "E-rookie" ?

E-rookie has simplified the way we work with both clients and candidates. The product is user-friendly and enhanced with powerful features which a recruiter uses for regular activity. e-Rookie is an innovation for your primitive Approach to business. With E-Rookie automate your Work, Whether it's Recruitment or Sales, You have to find your Candidate or have to analyse the team activity, E-Rookie is here for your service . it makes it easy for you to maintain all aspect of business process from anywhere . You can access any information in a wink. It saves your time and make the process simplified . Time is important as " TIME IS MONEY ".

e-Rookie is for Leading Staffing Organization, Recruiters, Sales Team & Higher Management. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Work-flow, Gearing up the ROI, Automate the Organization System & Satisfying Centrically. However, most of the leaders are grappling with the challenges like accelerating the sales, satisfying the clients, providing quality resources within the timeline, Delivering Cross-Channel Experience providing all your organization need at centre point. Our Solution address to all these problem. "All you need is an innovative platform that provides an Integrated Service Experience to Clients, Vendors, Agencies & Teams"

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Why E-rookie?

The recruitment industry is witnessing a technological revolution and E-rookie is at the core of recruitment and hiring process. It forms the backbone of the organization for the efficient functioning of database system.

Uses of E-rookie

E-rookie's excellent analytical reporting helps to enable efficient and good decision making. It has further felicitated to create a robust employee referral program ensuring high visibility of "who to recruit in future".


This is Just a Beginning, we are strongly heading towards developing Innovative Modules for the Product & thus aimed to provide innovative product to the Staffing World. Everybody who is in business requires a techy business tool & e-rookie is aimed to become strong Staffing tool aligning the business units & developing coherence between all the stakeholder & teams.
Our Team have found out the Critical challenges faced by this industry & are consentingly developing the strategy to break down the old school rules of business management.
In the Era of fast fascinating world revenue & profitability depends upon the way organization is working , as a Famous quotes by shiv khera "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently" And we are providing you the way to "Work Differently"

Automates Business Process
  • Company Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Job Order Management
  • Sales Screening
  • Submittals
  • Search, Parsing Search
  • E-mail & Campaign
  • Organization Process Showcase
  • User Management
  • Permission Management
  • Security Management
  • Reports
  • Activity Management (Minute to Minute )